Tourism Village Candran, Tourism Agriculture

Profession farmers feel threatened by changing times. This profession is very likely there will be no more. with the reduction in the number of farmers is dire and people are not looking at the profession as a promising farmers so much abandoned.

Candran tourist village farmer, a tourist village with rustic and natural exotica traditional peasant culture tradition. brings you to follow a return to tradition Indonesian Javanese peasant culture. Candran tourist village farm located in the tourist village Kebonagung Imogiri Bantul Yogyakarta.

If you are a walk to find a comfortable, beautiful natural scenery, fresh air and a satisfying entertainment, you do not need to go to an expensive villa on the beach or mountains, all of which you should be looking for is not in the city. A small village called Candran has everything you are looking for. A small village located in the Village Kebonagung, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta has had diverse appeal that we do not know now.

The village is predominantly farmers have a charming appeal. Do not think farmers'm not creative. One proof is, scarecrow varied forms. Corruptors have come dispel birds affect the farm pack. Not criminals are involved, there are many forms of the puppets come to enliven the atmosphere in the fields. You also can pose next to a scarecrow to take pictures with the camera.

When you are tired of climbing the fields all day, you can enjoy home residents. The third proof is the Candran very friendly. You will be greeted warmly when visiting this village. You will be invited to speak. You will feel comfortable with this atmosphere.

No doubt, you have 3 days there would have been missed to come back to the village, an unforgettable impression, this is what you feel when visiting the Tourism Village Farmers Candran. If you walk into Jogja, do not forget to stop by Candran. Guaranteed fun.

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