Enjoyment traveled on rural tourism Jelok

Village Tourism Jelok, you will be spoiled by the village atmosphere with friendly and welcoming people. You can be adventurous, farming, learning even dinner on the river Oya.

Jelok hamlet, village of Beji, Patuk Gunungkidul, supposedly isolated as road access is very difficult to cross the river 80 meters wide Oya. To attend, students crossing times with gethek made ​​of bamboo. In 1996, the bridge was built on community and student inisiatis.

82 meter long bridge with a width of one meter could become the only way to Jelok, which from 2010 known as the Tourism Village

Since then, Jelok becoming known as community-based rural tourism, culture and environment. Tourism in the village area of ​​75 hectares is divided into adventure tourism, the white water rafting, fishing, biking, camping, outbound. Tourism education, reading in the library, painting, drawing, farm oragnik, making biogas, compost and charcoal. While cultural attractions, such as performances of traditional art.

The most attractive tourist village located 30 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta is friendly and welcoming people. You can spend the night in homes, rustic dishes from the experience learned from the organic fields with a very low cost, Rp 50,000 per night for 4 people. Eight tourist guides were very friendly, they will be facilitating type you choose.

in Jelok you can not only have fun, but get an amazing experience. Beginning in late June 2012, dinner on the river can be enjoyed. Just like in other parts of Europe, dinner on a floating bamboo gethek time oya is growing steadily, entertained the music and song macapat on a sampan. Dinner is usually held in the afternoon after the visitors tired outbound. 

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