Trumpon Tourism Village

Trumpon Tourism  Village is located at Dusun Trumpon, Merdikorejo, Tempel, Sleman. It located on the south west side of mount merapi, can be reached only about 15 minutes from the regency city of Sleman and only about 24 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. It height, which is  about 500 meters above the sea level, enables visitors to breathe fresh air.

Charm that you can enjoy include :

Panorama of Merapi
Trumpon which is located on the slope of Merapi volcano offers amazing panorama. There is a view tower to see the beauty of the nature of mount Merapi, mount Merbabu, mount Menoreh, mount Sumbing, and the view of south beach. Tourists can take some photos from there.

Salak Pondoh Plantage
Trumpon village as agrotourism offers salak pondoh plantage. The local people has prepared some interesting tourism package about salak pondoh such as harvesting salak package, workshop of salak pondoh cultivation, salak pondoh cultivation practice and many more. It’s very interesting to tried.

Fishing Area
Besides salak pondoh plantage, Trumpon village also offers wide fishing area. Tourist can get some fresh air fish such as gurame, nila, and bawal. The local people has prepared some fishing package. One of  this package is catching fish without fishing tools.

Traditional Art
Trumpon village has some traditional art such as badui, jathilan, siteran and karawitan. Tourists can enjoy traditional art performance by request. The local people will show their traditional art performance to you.

Outbond area is available at Trumpon village. Outbond area is located around Trumpon village. Outbond package is divided by education level.

Moreover, for those who want to stay in the village, the people has welcome you with modest home to be stayed. The local people is friendly and polite. Tourist can enjoy the village atmosphere more.

Herbal Beverage (jamu)
Jamu is traditional medicine which made by natural substance. Tourists can practice how to make jamu and drink this product. Tourist also can buy jamu product per pack and bring home.

Address Village Tourism Trumpon
Dusun Salam - Trumpon, Merdikorejo, Tempel, Sleman, Yogyakarta INDONESIA 
Phone : +62-274-6523378, 7897998, +62-817-0425817

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