Enjoy the Sensation Cave Tubing Pindul

Pindul cave has a length of approximately 350 m, width up to 5 m, the distance of the water surface with the roof cave 4 m, and a water depth of about 5-12 m. Cave has three zones. light zone, lit zones and dark zones. time approximately 45 minute.

Cavetubing similar to rafting. If rafting (rafting) are activities along the river by boat, then cavetubing is caving activities in the tires. Because the flow of water in the cave is quiet Pindul then perform at the Cave Pindul cave tubing can also be done by beginners and young children

Amid the cave, there is a rather large room, with a hole on top of the local people call the well upside down, sunlight coming in through the holes to make the atmosphere more beautiful. The hole above this cave which is often used as a vertical entrance by members of TEAM SAR or training.

When you do the cave at Cave Pindul fringe, you will find a stalactite that has been fused with stalagmites that looked like a pillar with a width of five adult arm span

This is the biggest stalactites in Goa Pindul and has ranked No. 4 in the world. Stalagmites and stalactites are fused, becoming the 4th largest in the world, it took 5 people to circle, and even the gap just wide enough for one person only. Amid great middle that he as a pole cave. The beauty complete with the trappings of cave along the wall like an abstract painting masterpiece is priceless. Bats hanging crystal eyes adorn the hallway cave. There are also curtain made ​​up of water droplets on the wall of cave.

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