Tourism Village Karangtengah

Karangtengah tourism village is a tourism village which is owned by the Bantul district, located in Karangtengah, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. As another tourism village, one of which highlighted the nature of a quiet village atmosphere in this Karangtengah village. The interesting thing other than a quiet village atmosphere is a traditional inn with shades made ​​of wood but still maintained cleanliness.

In addition to the comfortable atmosphere, this tourism village is also a tourism village where wild and cultivated silk indighovera plant which is a staple for dye batik. Tourists can also learn batik this location. If do not want to make batik, tourists can still buy the craft of batik with natural dyes. In addition, tourists can enjoy a healthy street scene with a tour which also contained Gazebo to rest.

Address : Tourism Village Karangtengah
Karangtengah, Imogiri, Bantul,Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62-813-28003052

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