Waterfalls Jurug Gede Gambyong

Traveled to visit the waterfall is exciting, especially the splashing water is wonderful to be able to entertain. The waterfalls were quite unique also interesting to visit, this waterfall is not as famous in other areas, but the location is often a destination many people.

In a hamlet Gembyong Ngoro-oro village, Patuk, Gunungkidul, Yogyajarta has yet another exotic waterfalls with enchanting natural scenery. The location was already in visits of tourists from various regions, especially in holiday time.

The location of the waterfall is named Jurug, because of its location or its location a little further into the deep that the surrounding residents call Grojogan Jurug taken from the bay or in the location.

Before looking at Waterfall Jurug, visitors will be in Startle with natural atmosphere and the suspension bridge, which may be in the word unique and highest in Yogyakarta, because it has a height of about 70 meters from the river bed.

To get to the waterfall because the citizens have to wear guides steep and winding road, in addition, visitors can also walk down to the edge of time or through the rice fields, distance waterfall with a suspension bridge about 300 meters to the west. Long suspension bridge is about 90 meters either side looks unique natural scenery and very beautiful. 

Jurug waterfall is also adjacent to another waterfall, where in it there is also a waterfall Guyangan. Guyangan a named, because of its location often used for mengguyang / bathing Cow, so it deserves a waterfall called Guyangan. The second waterfall is not as high as Jurug, besides the location is also convenient in view of the suspension bridge.

Guyangan waterfall only about 3 meter tall alone, and somewhat typical circular waterfall. Guyangan waterfall is a confluence of two rivers from the south and east.

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Exploring the Vertical Cave

Karst mountain area in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta, save hundreds of caves. One of them is the cave. The cave is located in Jetis Wetan, Semanu, Gunung Kidul is a cave that has a vertical depth of about 80 m from the lip of the cave. Under such circumstances it is not just anyone can enter it, because they have to have a special skill that is Single Rote Technique (SRT). SRT is the ability to go up and down the field vertically with a rope. Therefore most of the visitors are nature lovers.

In the 1970s-1980s the cave was used as a place of mass murder of members of the PKI [Indonesian Communist Party]. To reach the bottom of the cave is indeed required extra effort, but it all paid off when fatigue entered into it. Some trees grow bottom of the cave, while on the cave walls overgrown by shrubs. Visitors can also browse through the hallway that connects the cave with other vertical cave. To browse through this hallway is not as difficult when entering the cave, because it has no footpath, but also must remain cautious. The end of the tunnel has two large stalagmites awaits you.

The cave can be reached from the city of Yogyakarta to browse through Jl. Wonosari, after arriving at the Intersection Five Wonosari you just go to Semanu.

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